Intensives ~ Fall 2014

$40.00 $15.00

A powerful day of training followed by impartation led by Scott Purkey Senior Leader of Freedom House Network

Event will be held at the Freedom House Ministry Center 380 W Country Club Dr. Brentwood, CA
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Powerful Christianity
What does a powerful Christian look like? In an era when universal Christianity is being threatened and even exterminated, there is a great need for Christ followers to speak and display the true life of Christ. In this course, students will explore the powerful life Christians are born into, what they look like and are destined to live out, which leads them to become agents of transformation.

The Art of Authentic Spiritual Warfare
Because we are commanded to advance the kingdom’s purposes on the earth we are automatically enlisted into a spiritual war. As it is with natural wars, there is an art of spiritual warfare we must understand and embrace in order to experience true victory. In “The Art of Authentic Spiritual Warfare” each student will discover powerful revelatory truths of the Biblical principles of war as well as how to overcome in every personal battle. This course will dispel some misleading myths of spiritual warfare and empower every Christ follower to forcefully advance the kingdom of God in these last days.

Teacher: Scott Purkey